Dr Milind Sampgaonkar

Who Am I

I Dr Milind Sampgaonkar a person with a brain of an entrepreneur. Love to learn new things, take new challenges, move out of comfort zone and been as the man to go in crisis management.

  •  Chairman of Milind Sampgaonkar Enterprise(MSE).
  • Founder President of BIMAKRANTI.
  •  Managing Director of Riddhi’s Research and sentimental Training.
  •  Managing Director of Siddhi Associates.
  • ‘Mukhymantri Mitra – Pune District’ in accordance with ‘Mukhyamantri Mitra Abhiyan’
  • Founder Chairman of ‘Kai. Sau. Bharati Bharat Sampgaonkar Cancer Charitable Trust’ (BBS Foundation).
  • Founder Chairman of ‘Madhyamvargiy Vikas Manch’.
  • Founder President of Padvidhar Yuvak Sangha.



Mission 2047

Every Indian Must Be Insured and by 2047 India will be a Developed Nation, Only 4% of Indians are Insured till now, As per the data only out of 145 cr (approximately population) 10 cr are Insured and 135 Cr are Uninsured, If we are not able to be a developed nation in 2047 without 100% Insurance penetration. 

My Skills

Expertise Area

Industry Knowledge
Interpersonal Skiis
Other Skils

My Social Profile

Annual Turnover

Work Experience

Director of Riddhi's Research and Sentimental Training

  • Riddhi’s Research & Sentimental Training: A Unique Training Platform for Insurance Industry and Next Generation of India.
  • Riddhi’s Social Media & Event Management
  • Riddhi’s Resorts & Restaurant
  • Dates Employed Feb 2013 – Present Employment Duration 5 years 9 months,
  • Location Pune Area, India. Data analysis for transforming India.

Managing Director of Siddhi Associates Financial

  • Siddhi Associates Financial Solutions,
  • Siddhi Associates (Consultant of Financial Institutions)
  • Siddhi Associates Buildcon:
  • Dates Employed Jan 2012 – Present
  • Employment Duration 6 years 10 months , Location Pune


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